Our aim

Our aim is to protect the innermost level of creativity of artists and free them from money matters by helping them to create a decent standard of living

The aim of Gopila is to help create a decent living standard and a stress-free life for artists, musicians, poets, authors, photographers, sculpturers and other talented creative artists.

We all know that being creative needs a very delicate level of the mind and feelings. If a creative artist can float in that very refined state of consciousness, then creativity can flow in an unrestricted way.

Any outside disturbance could block that inner flow which otherwise could express itself in a marvellous piece of art, music, a story or a visual expression.

If an artist's mind starts to become occupied with financial problems, then that will certainly not be conducive to the unrestricted flow of creativity within.

What can Gopila do in this situation?

GOPILA can help solve this problem by preventing the artist from having to get into business-thinking which is not in the nature of most creative artists.

How are you going to do this?

The answer is simple:

Giving them their own website and promoting it for them.

How are you going to get people to their websites?

By linking them all together in we will create a huge circle of satellite sites around us, inviting every creative artist in the world to join this global endeavour for the benefit of every artist and every lover of art, music.

Your copyright registered

GOPILA made an agreement with Copyright House who register the copyright of artistic, literary or musical works in the UK and internationally. They will sponsor GOPILA to get off the ground so that we can give artists a free GOPILA website.

You will need your own domain name. If you don't have one, then please let us know your preferred domain name and we'll get it for you at cost price.

What you get:

  • Free UK Based SSD Hosting
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free 1GB Space
  • Free shopping cart which is directly connected to the artist's PayPal or other payment gateway account
  • Therefore the artist keeps 100% of the sales
  • Free Web builder
  • Over 200 extras to create any kind of website the artist likes


In order to minimise infringements and other copyright problems, we will only accept artists who have registered their works with Copyright House.

What is the difference between the GOPILA platform and other platforms?

There are many multi-national platforms in the world who have millions of artists and visitors. However, many of them charge both the artist to present their work as well as those who want to download, listen to or buy the artists' works. In the case of music platforms, the artist receives a very small proportion of the sales or the tracks being played.

It is quite common for other platforms to charge about £10 per month, which comes to about £7,000 in a lifetime, to their artists and subscribers. Or they may take a large percentage of the sales.

GOPILA, however, does not charge artists. In fact, they all have their own individual websites, thus avoiding the middleman.

How do I apply?

You can apply by registering your works with Copyright House. They'll inform us so that we then can prepare your very own, free music, art, book or photo website.

Artists: You:
Create your Own Website Buy Art, Books, Music, Photos
Promote your Own Website Only Choose those Works that you Really Like
Sell your Books, Music, Photos or Artworks High-Quality Audio/Video/Photos
Keep 100% of the Sales No Annoying Ads
No Monthly Payments No Monthly Payments
No Contracts No Contracts

Join Today. Sell your songs, art, books, photos and more through your own website (YourName) and keep 100% of the sales. Your website will have its secure shopping cart with an integrated VAT MOSS calculator for EU downloadable sales.

To get your free website + SSD hosting + VAT MOSS compliant shopping cart, your works have to be registered with Copyright House.